Weekly Meetings

Seaboard Southern exists for any American outline model railroaders in the South Eastern catchment area (or beyond!) who enjoy socialising with fellow enthusiasts, although above all, they must want to have fun with model railroading!

While we have 24/7 access to our clubrooms are regular meeting times are Friday afternoons through to evening and Tuesday afternoons from around 14:00 at Tilgate Park, Crawley (near K2 Leisure Centre). We have a permanent HO layout in an advanced stage of construction, and have a small N scale layout available for running.  We have members also interested in On30 along with a variety of other model and prototype railways.

There are a number of varied activities undertaken during meetings, including layouts brought along by members, modules, and sometimes also clinics that home in on various subjects ranging from DCC to scenery construction. A number of members are currently constructing their own HO modules, as well as helping with the construction of the Clubs new HO layout. During the year social events are arranged as an antidote to all the modelling activities.

Friday evening sessions are a mix of layout construction and train running with Tuesdays devoted to construction work. With the HO layout trackwork 95% operational we are not holding periodic operations sessions on a Saturday with the aim of running the layout on the same lines as a real US railroad.

If you would like to visit us, please contact our Club Secretary via the ‘Contact’ link above for more details and location.